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Find the right clinical trials for your patients

HDP Health connects to your organizations electronic medical record system and lets your doctor’s know which of their patients are eligible for which clinical trials to improve your clinical trial enrollment percentage.

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HDP Health helps your organization identify which of your patients are best for which clinical trials within your organization or across all clinical trials globally. Our system can also identify new clinical trials that are opening up and let your staff know which trials you should consider running based on your existing patient population. Mission of the Canada First to give you entry to brand-name and generic medications in an affordable, secure, and convenient method.

We created HDP Health to help push research further into improving conditions for the tens of millions that are sick.


How does the product work?

Our product watches for clinically relevant changes in your patients medical record. Upon them occurring our system generates a clinical trial eligibility report. This report is inserted into the EMR for the doctor to use to determine the best trial to recruit a patient to.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We use encrypted HIPAA compliant databases to keep all of your information safe and secure, sign a BAA, and go through annual security audits.

How does this increase enrollment?

Our product increases the number of patients offered a clinical trial as well as generates an IRB approved print out explaining what clinical trials and why the patient should consider the trials shown. Patient education is shown to increase clinical trial participation.

I have more questions where should I look?

Please contact us at with any questions!