Biopharma & Healthcare Influencers on Twitter

My cofounder and I spent several months developing a solid list of people to follow on twitter in the biopharma and healthcare sphere. You can subscribe to the list here.

We’ve also made twitter lists of healthcare influencers at BluePrint Health and StartupHealth too.

The people in our biopharma/healthcare list are professionals with a strong history of data-based views, deep scientific competency, and raw passion for the work that they do.

  1. Derek Lowe – Has a history of 12 years worth of blogging about pharma. Derek is one of the most powerful influencers.  When Derek writes, Wall Street listens.
  2. Ron Shigeta & Ryan Bethencourt – probably 2 of the most scientifically competent biochemist investors in the valley who run the IndiBio technology accelerator in San Francisco.
  3. Tom Stossel – The writer of Pharmaphobia. Also an MD. He’s director of Translational Medicine Division and Senior Physician in Hematology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  4. Robert Lustig – Probably one of the world’s most famous pediatric endocrinologists. He’s the author of Fat Chance, and IRN Board President
  5. John Wilbanks – Chief Commons Officer at Sage Bionetworks and also a Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and at FosterCures. He runs the Consent to Research Project.
  6. Manjari Narayan – Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student at Rice University. Her current work focuses on statistical challenges in studying population level differences and individual variation in functional brain connectivity.
  7. Joseph Fuisz – He works predominately in the pharmaceutical industry as the founder of Fuisz Pharma LLC. He’s also an inventor, named on 32 medical patents.
  8. Sachin H. Jain – Jain is an American physician and health policy analyst who was senior advisor to the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama Administration. He is currently Chief Medical Officer at the CareMore Health System.
  9. Frank David – David is a life sciences advisor at the intersection of business, clinical medicine, and basic science. He has over a decade of experience as a physician-scientist and business strategist helping biotechs, global pharma, entrepreneurs, and investor turn medical innovation into value.
  10. Yaniv Erlich – Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computational Biology at Columbia University. Also Core Member at New York Genome Center.
  11. David Shaywitz – MD, PhD. Director of strategic and commercial planning at a biopharmaceutical company based in San Francisco, and the co-author of Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology?
  12. Ethan Perlstein – Founder of Perlstein Lab, PBC. Evolutionary Pharmacology.
  13. Bruce Booth – Early stage life science venture capitalist, focused on starting and funding new companies working on transformative new therapeutics.
  14. Katrine Bosley – Biotechnology Industry Organization, CEO of Editas Medicine, Chairman of Genocea Biosciences, and a Board Member of Galapagos and Scholar Rock.
  15. Paul Sonnier – Digital health strategist, social entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. Sonnier founded and curates the 40,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn. He’s a digital health strategist and keynote speaker.
  16. Matthew Herper – He’s Senior Editor for both and Forbes Magazine writing about science and medicine and curates a network of medical writers.
  17. Ryan Jones – co-founder of Florence Healthcare, a clinical trial eBinder that seeks to replace an electronic master file system to accelerate clinical trials
  18. David Weiss – Founder and CEO of InSilico, bioengineer, PhD in bioinformatics, did research and Broad Institute and MIT
  19. Matt Might – Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. He’s working on next-generation diagnosis and treatment for rare disorders.
  20. Ben Goldacre – Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford. He is a founder of the AllTrials campaign, and is known in particular for his “Bad Science” column in The Guardian.
  21. Josh Wolfe – Wolfe is co-founder and managing director of Lux Capital, a firm that invests in emerging technology companies in the physical and life sciences. He’s also an editor for Forbes Magazine.


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