Welcome HDP Health

Helping Bring New Medical Treatments To Market Faster

HDP Health connects patients and doctors with the latest clinical trials to bring new medical treatments to market faster and help everyone.

HDP Health was started with the question “How do we bring new medical treatments to market faster to help patients”. The only way new medical treatments come to market are through clinical trials.

It also turns out that clinical trials aren’t only for experimental new drugs. Many clinical trials are trying to learn if an improve diet reduces the chance of getting sick, and other trials compare different doses of already approved treatments.

If you, a family member or a friend who would like to participate in clinical trials we offer a search to find clinical trials, and we offer tools to doctors to find clinical trial options for their patients.

If you’re a doctor, hospital, or sponsor and would like to speed up your clinical trial process we also offer tools for you.

We created HDP Health to help push research further into improving conditions for the tens of millions that are sick.


How does this work as a patient?

You can simply type in your condition and other information such as age and location to find a trial we’ll show you a list of trials we find. You can also have these trials emailed to you.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We use encrypted HIPAA compliant databases to keep all of your information safe and secure. We can also remove all of your information at any time should you choose. Your privacy is extremely important to us.

I’m a sponsor, can you help my trial?

Absolutely! We offer tools to speed up your trial recruitment and email us sponsors@hdphealth.com to find out more.

I’m a doctor, what can I offer my patients?

We offer tools to show you what options are available to your patients. You can learn more on our Providers page.